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JAC hold customer feedback activities hand in hand with Madagascar distributor


Madagascar is a charming island in the southeast Africa with population of 22 million. Countless youth think Madagascar as an animal paradise because of the cartoon “Madagascar penguins” since childhood. As a matter of fact, in this hilly island country you can see JAC light trucks everywhere instead of animals.

JAC has entered Madagascar market for ten years. Although the country’s economy development is slow, infrastructure is poor and the vehicle market size is very limited, every Malagasy family knows JAC as a good brand of light trucks, and JAC light truck has been bestselling brand for years, it becomes the basic tool of Malagasy businessman for making money, JAC and its distributor devote themselves to providing the best logistics solutions for Malagasy. 

On the occasion of ten year’s ceremony, JAC and its distributor organized a customer feedback activity called "JAC 15 DAYS". JAC delegation and the distributor team visited end users together and offered free inspection and maintenance to their JAC vehicles, found out customer’s difficulties and provided help or solutions to the customers, at the meantime, the customers enjoyed preferential price policy for buying JAC vehicles and spare parts. The activity has attached numerous new and old customers participated and closed on June 26th with complete success.

The activity is full of fun, good quality of JAC light truck has won great customers’ satisfaction, JAC is considered as the best quality Chinese brand, and most of the customers are buying JAC repeatedly year after year. The newly imported high-end N-series light truck has won very good favor from new and old customers immediately and sold out during the period of this activity. 

During the activity, old customers expect highly on spare parts supplying and after-sales, JAC delegation and the distributor has taken quick action to made new price of spare parts, spare parts retail sales network expansion plan, after-sales service development plan and hearted service policy for fleet customer in order for higher customer satisfaction and better market share. 

Small market can also get good achievements, and we strongly believe that JAC products will help more and more Madagascans to get rich.