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JAC iEV6S challenges the word highest racing track


 ‘Tour of Qinghai Lake’ International electric vehicle challenge match had officially ended. And JAC Iev6s beyond our expectations and completed the competition.


‘Tour of Qinghai Lake’ International electric vehicle challenge match is the domestic highest scale and world the highest altitude electric vehicle challenge match including stunt show, performance evaluation competition, tour around the lake competition and other contents.

The evaluation team was composed of many national authority institution and new energy industry experts to evaluate all participated electric vehicles’ performance. This year, the organizing committee greatly enhanced the difficulty of the competition so the racing vehicle could face three serious tests of long competition distance, high altitude and heavy gradient. In the 12 competition sections, the steepest gradient reached 8 degree and four single competition distances were over 100km.

This contest includes domestic mainstream new energy vehicle manufacturers and more than 60 vehicles took part in this contest. The racers need diver different vehicles to complete the contest to make the result more comprehensive and fair. 

Technical advantage pushes iEV6S completion contest easily 

Through three days’ contest, facing complex road conditions, heavy gradient, long distance and other rigorous conditions, IEV6S displayed good power performance, ground Clearance and endurance ability. In the 5 competition section, the racing vehicles need start and climb in the very steep slope, which is a big challenge for vehicles’ power output capability.

Hard climbing racing section displays iEV6S’s outstanding power performance and excellent off-road capability. ‘JAC iEV6S could easily climb the steep slope. ’ one of professional racing driver said. 

Besides powerful driving force, the drivers also are full of praise to iEV6S energy-saving. Especially equipped with the energy recovery system, which is greatly enhanced the endurance ability of JAC iEV6S. This advantage could be fully display in the 9 section, which has 120.8km distance. The vehicle took part in the contest under the condition of full energy and the charge immediately after the contest. Through how many energy is charged to evaluate the racing vehicles’ endurance ability. JAC iEV6S has a very excellent performance that the power was still remaining 47% after driving 120.8km on the road of plateau. Meanwhile, it also displayed the superior advantages of JAC electric vehicle three core technology fields of battery module, electrical machine and electronic control.

China first pure-electric SUV 

Through 10 years development and ‘six generations technology and two generations products’, JAC iEV6S is the masterpiece of second-generation pure electric vehicle which could represent the highest new energy vehicle technology level of JAC and the driving comfort is better than fuel –consumption vehicle. Equipped with an 18,650 Lithium-ion NMC battery capable of traveling over 300km at peak performance, JAC’s iEV6S owns 85kw power and 270Nm torque output to ensure the high performance driving.

JAC iEV6S has equipped with charging insulation technology so that its range mileage has a very small difference even under the condition of -20℃ temperature. Meanwhile, it also has equipped with 8 inch capacitive touch screen multimedia, intelligent speech human-computer interaction system, mobile phone APP smart + connected and other high-tech equipment, which will bring high-tech driving experience to customers.