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JAC won the Championship of Chinese brand in Chile


September is the season of harvest and in the most competitive market-Chile, from January to September, JAC had won the championship of Chinese brand in Chile with the sales volume of 2898 units. Since June, the sales volume of JAC S2 has continued to rising and in September, JAC has become the top Chinese brand in Chile. 

The excellent achievement due to the JAC and distributor’s hard working. In the beginning of this year, JAC car club was officially established in Chile and was held the gathering activity each month, which could attract more and more customers to attend. In April, JAC successful held the 8 Year Anniversary Celebration trigging the hot-selling in Chile. In August, JAC launched it new SUV-S2 in Chile market and quickly enlarger its brand awareness and enhance the sales volume.

The JAC Car Club first time activity

The launching activity of S2

Recently, the second generation of S2 has passed the Chile official authentication and has been permitted to enter in this market.