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The Ten years of JAC in Peru—— struggle and glory


Since launched in Pure 2006, JAC light-duty truck has always devoted to provide excellent products and intimate services for customers. in past ten years, JAC has obtained increase attention and supports from Peru customers while JAC brand is booming. In the first half year of 2016, the sales volume of JAC light-duty truck had breakthrough 10000 units, maintaining the top position among Chinese brands.

Thanks for ten years’unremitting supports from Peru customers and enhancing brand awareness of JAC in South America, Peru distributor and JAC are held the 10 years anniversary ceremony together. They are a series of activities cover: looking for old customers and presenting their discount coupon, repair and maintenance and listening customers’demands.

Through exquisite preparation and training, the anniversary ceremony was held in Lima, Peru on 26th November 2016. More than 160 customers and Peru famous TV station and print media have been invited.

The ceremony has many segments: speech of JAC terminal customers, JAC products introduction and lucky draw. The biggest winner got free JAC light-duty trucks which pushed the celebration activity to the climax.