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JAC debut in Thailand 2016 Motor Expo


On November 30, 2016, JAC N-series high-end light duty truck was debuted in Thailand 2016 Motor Expo. In the media day, JAC announced that its light-duty truck is officially launched in Thailand and about to sell. Thailand Motor Expo is the largest auto show and will last 12 days, attracting more than 10000 customers and hundreds of media.

Mr.Yu Yang, general manager assistant of JAC International and Mr. Glenn Tan, CEO of Tan Chong Group delivered keynote speech and unveiled the vehicle. More than 30 media made the report.

Thailand is one of the ASEAN economic centers and ASEAN Auto manufacturing center, which could export over one million automobiles annually. The market has a high entrance permission and has been monopolized by Japanese auto brands for a long time, so it’s too difficult to enter for Chinese and other countries auto brands.


Through all parties’ cooperation, JAC international has overcome the difficulties and barriers to affirm the partnership with new cooperative partner. After the new product release conference, abundant of visitors and media visited our vehicles and gave a high appraisal for JAC light-duty trucks.