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JAC IEV6S –The Prince Charming


Hello, everybody! I’m IEV6S from JAC – the first pure-electric SUV in China. On 15th May, I have the kind of intimate interactions with more than 200 customers and journalists. To my delight, they praise that I’m the real prince charming- handsome and smart. 

Fashion and Sporty 

Somebody said that:’ I’m the most beautiful pure-electric vehicle. JAC designers gave me the white color with blue stripe to decoration, which made me feel more fashionable and dynamic. ’ 

In the design of front face, it adopts divergent mesh design to instead of traditional air-inlet grille; in the terms of interior, it adopts the double color schemes, three type of the steering wheel with black &white color matches to show its sporty style. 

On 25th April 2016, JAC IEV6S was officially launched into the market during the period of Beijing Auto Show. As the ‘Chinese first pure electric SUV’, it will lead the new trend of pure-electric vehicle.

Cool and Intelligent 

JAC IEV6S has a beautiful sculpture as well as high intelligence. 

JAC new energy vehicle designer gave me ‘the highest configuration’: 8 inch capacitive touch screen which can achieve dozens of intelligent voice human-computer interaction functions such as GPS, bluetooth telephone, visual imaging, maintenance, time and charging. 

From 2011, JAC pure-electric family has already owned six generation vehicles and the ‘gene’ is continued to enhancing and the sporty talent is promoting. Now, I have the Samsung ternary lithium battery, so I can run as far as 300 kilometers under the condition of 60km/h steady-state driving. 

Rich configuration and safety first 

On 15th May 2016, many friends came to JAC and wanted to make interaction with me. They gave me high evaluation such as comfortable, free-noise, accelerate rapidly and so on. 

Seeing my cool appearance and feeling my high intelligence are not really know me. JAC new energy vehicle designer also gave me a rich inner and safety protection. For example, in order to test the performance of battery under the condition of low temperature, JAC chose the wee hours of winter to test the vehicle.

In order to make the whole battery system safer, JAC adopts ‘small module’ style. Informally, those small battery modules combine with together. If one of them turns up any problems, it will not to incriminate others. 

As a pure-electric vehicle, I haven’t engine like the traditional vehicle and my ‘heart’ is the electricity-driven system. And this key part is from industry champion – JUYI Automation.

In 2012, JAC pure-electric family vehicles became to enter into the markets around China. 

In the first quarter of 2016, the sales volume of JAC pure-electric vehicle has reached 4410 units, up by 7763.7% year on year. 

JAC Motors expressed that technology innovation makes JAC pure-electric vehicle won a place in fierce market competition. And in 2025, the total sales of new energy vehicle will cover 30% among the whole sales of JAC vehicles. According to the development plan, JAC will launch IEV8 in 2025 with lithium-air battery and 500 kilometers range; in 2030, JAC will launch IEV9 with 1000 kilometers range. So you needn’t worry about the power problem anymore!