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JAC won the first round of the CRC!


The first round of 2016 China Rally Championship had been successful ended. More than 40 degree high temperature and rigorous devil track enhanced the difficulty of the rally racing. During three days competition, JAC S2 withstood the many tests which was the first time showing the competition, and won the first championship of CRC.

CRC is the one of the highest and largest rally racing in China. Each year it attracts many famous racing teams and drivers’ participation for its rigorous road condition to feel so exciting. This year, Dengfeng, the first station made everyone realize the cruel of the racing track.

Dengfeng racing track is full of the curves of the course, rocky terrain, and sandy roads, very dangerous. Due to the frequently accidents occurred in the racing track and another problems of turnover and trap, same sections have to be canceled by the organizers. In the second day’s competition, JAC team had occurred to the blowout accident, and through urgent repairmen, it successfully completed the third day’s competition.

There were 133 units vehicle participated the competition but only 60 units vehicle completed it. So we can see how dangerous and rigorous the racing track it is. And it is a severe test for racing vehicle’s performance, racing driver’s technology and endurance and teamwork.

JAC S2 won this championship for its outstanding quality. Compared with other competitions, it has a very high requirement for chassis, power train and weight which can’t be modified. Mr. Yu Chenglei said: ‘I was too quickly to turning the corner so that it seemed to be overturned, but it didn’t for S2 stable chassis to withstand the test. ’

JAC J4 has represented JAC to conquer this competition and won the championship. Now, JAC S2 is joining with J4 to challenge the rally racing. In August, JAC racing team will challenge CRC second station- Gansu Zhangye. Let’s look forward to the more exciting performance.