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President of Kazakhstan took a test drive of JAC iEV6s


On 23rd September, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev inspected Kostanay Province to investigate local industrial modernization process. As one of the most important representative of Kazakhstan automobile industry, JAC distributor exhibited all series of electric-vehicle to welcome the visit of President.

The CEO of JAC distributor made detailed introduction of products’ quality, sales status, endurance mileage and charging time. He also said that the company is making adaptive improvement to product higher quality and stronger-adaptive electric vehicles and to make contribution to Kazakhstan people’s green drive. Then, the president took a test of JAC iEV6S.

After test driving, the President gave a high praise to JAC Iev6s’ excellent performance, good operation and comfort and hoped that take 2017 Astana World Expo to develop new energy vehicle and make contribution to establish an environment-friendly and energy-saving society. He also said that the government will give more supports to develop new energy vehicle and make customers enjoy the convenience of new energy vehicle.

Under the witness of Mr. Nazarbayev, JAC distributor was held the vehicle delivery ceremony. And the governmental representative handed over S3 key to winning athletes of The Rio Olympics in recognition of their excellent performance in this Olympics.