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Three Vehicles Staged Its First Appearance, JAC Accumulatively Sold 340 Units Cars During the Chengdu Auto Show


Annual Chengdu Auto Show is the biggest and highest-level auto show in western area of China. On September 11th, the conclusion of 2016 Chengdu Auto Show has also started the hot sale season of the automobiles. During the Chengdu Auto Show, there were 87 debut vehicles, among which 6 were global debut vehicles, 15 were China debut vehicles, moreover, JAC has totally sold 340 units with 236 were SUV leading by S3 Ⅲ.

There Vehicles Made Its Debut 

On the date of the auto show opening, JAC has thrown its ‘blockbuster’-S3 Ⅲ, S2Ⅱ and all the other SUV and MPV have used the new brand LOGO, which was also the first time that JAC passenger vehicles used its new LOGO on the mass-produced cars. 

The debut and pre-sale of the three grand vehicles have attracted the attention of the car fans, and the popularity of the stand has also demonstrated JAC products charm. 

Intelligent Upgrading, Enjoying the Car &Life 

With the people’s upgrading requirements on the cars’ safety and comfort, more and more intelligent technology and electronic information technology have been applied on the vehicles to further improve the vehicles performance. 

The shining points of JAC three debut vehicles was the upgrading of the intelligent configuration. S3 Ⅲ, JAC most attention car in this auto show, has even enhanced the intelligent experience with the high-level equipment of intelligent voice, vehicle networking, 360 degrees reverse image, further raising the value threshold of compact SUV.

Intelligent JAC Building the World Car 

Intensive products launch needs the strong R&D support. JAC have released three debut vehicles in this auto show, which has relied on its strong technology research ability. 

Right now ,JAC has owned national excellent enterprise technology center, and the only national industry design center in the auto industry, meanwhile, it has owned the Japan and Italy research center. Overseas research center handing with the company technology center have integrated global resources to build the world car.

S3 Ⅲ and S2Ⅱ which have embraced JAC newest intelligent technology will be launched into the market on September 20th. The further improvement of the intelligent configuration will help you enjoy life and realize easy driving.