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JAC has sold 415,445 units until August this year, up by 10.76%


Recently, JAC officially published its August Production and Marketing Express. According to the express, JAC has sold 415,445 units until August this year, up by 10.76%, cautioned to maintaining a good growth trend.

On 27th August, JAC passenger car star model S3 welcomed its two years old birthday. In past two years, it has won more than 360,000 users’ admiration, becoming a legend. 

On 2nd September, in Chengdu Auto show, the third generation S3 was officially launched into the market. With the leading of S3, JAC SUV has sold 170,017 units from January to August this year, up by 18.29% year-on-year. 

Besides SUV, by virtue of new model –M3, in August, JAC MPV sold 5,026 units, up by 10.22%. From January to August, JAC MPV has sold 40770 units, up by 5.13% year-on-year.

From January to August 2016, JAC pure-electric vehicle has sold 12,042 units, up by 156.92% year-on-year. Besides its excellence performance of sales volumes, JAC new energy vehicle made a series of changes to become the focus of the auto industry.

Since this year, JAC commercial vehicle sales volume continued to be growth, especially the light-duty truck, from January to August, it has sold 134,175 units, up by 15.78% year-on-year.

The new product and new technology provide the guarantee to JAC commercial vehicles’ hot selling. On 18th August, JAC launched its new light-duty truck model V3, V5, V6, V7 becoming the new leading of the industry.