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Popular at Home and Abroad JAC Frison Pick-up Won Favorable Comments from Customers


Popular at Home and Abroad JAC Frison Pick-up Won Favorable Comments from Customers

On May 12th, JAC second generation pick-up Frison was released into Chile market and its sales during the first month has made a breakthrough of 80 units, becoming the No.1 Chinese pick-up brand in Chile. Not only in Chile, but also in Venezuela, Philippines, Cuba, Libya, JAC Frison pick-up has demonstrated excellent sales performance with the half-year sales double increase than last year. The outstanding sales achievement has not only marked that Frison pick-up has won recognition from the overseas market based on reliable quality, but also displayed JAC strength in the manufacturing and exporting of independently-developed pick-up.

Outstanding performances in the overseas market and increasing sales in Chinese market are all contributed to Frison success. After getting Frison Pick-up power, super loading ability and excellent fuel economy characteristics, users said the quality of Frison matched its sales performance. Take Frison exporting countries such as Chile, Philippines and Chinese popular markets such as Yunnan, Guizhou as an example, the complicated landscape have added difficulties to the loading and logistics, and emphasized a lot on the transportation tools. The superior pass ability and power performance of Frison have perfectly met the demands of the area. Besides, Frison gasoline pick-up which was equipped with 4GA3-3D VVT gasoline engine developed by JAC with the emission of 1.997L, maximum power of 110kw and torque of 196Nm, is better than the same class pick-up with 2.4L gasoline power. Higher emission efficiency and better fuel economy have fully met the demands of long-distance travelling.

As the commercial use, the loading ability is very important. The chassis design of Frison has used advanced JAC seventh chassis technology, combined with JAC more than 50 years chassis manufacturing essence, better loading ability can easily achieve the transportation in Chile's mining, fisheries and Cuba's sugar industry. Moreover, Frison pick-up trank is 1520×1520×470mm (the overall of extra-long edition is 1810×1520×470mm ), which has further improved the loading ability and is suitable for the transportation of Chile timber and Venezuela building materials.

As the consumers engaged in logistics and transportation, they attached great importance to the fuel saving performance. Frison has excellent fuel economy that is also why it can be welcomed by home and abroad. First of all, in the body design, Frison has used light weight and plastic composite material which is widely used in aerobic industry, effectively reducing the body weight; Secondly, relying on Navistar high efficient environmental-friendly power, Bosch high pressure common rail system and variable super charger technology, as well as advanced LC5T80 five-speed manual transmission, Frison has greatly reduced its whole vehicle fuel consumption with the fuel consumption per hundred kilometer of 7L.