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JAC Motors Driving in the Equatorial Country


Ecuador, the beautiful country located on the west coast of South America, has become one of the fastest growing economies. According to the data published by Central Bank of Ecuador and the Economic Commission for Latin America, from 2007 to 2015, Ecuador average gross domestic product (GDP) has grown by 3.9%, higher than 2.9% growth rate of Latin America and the Caribbean area. Sound development of economic environment has also led to the rapid growth of automobile market, predicted by the third party authority, in the coming five years, the accumulative sales of automobiles in Ecuador will reach 500,000 units. Compared with international brands, Chinese automobiles has formed their competitiveness relying on the good quality and high cost-effective, and as one of the leading automobile companies in China, JAC was the icing on the cake to the equatorial country with higher quality products and intimate service. 

Quality, Service Established Reputation 

JAC is a comprehensive automaker with full-line independent brand vehicles in China, with more than 50 years’ development, and it is now ranked as one of the leading automobile companies in Chinese auto industry and has exported to more than 130 countries all over the world, winning the recognition from the global users. In 2005, JAC started its layout of Ecuador market. From the initial light-duty trucks to the current all series products including light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks and the main passenger vehicles, JAC has received favorable comments from Ecuador users with its solid quality concept and responsible service. By now, JAC has exported nearly accumulatively 7000 units to Ecuador, and its sales of heavy-duty trucks were ranked top poison while the light-duty trucks were ranked No.2 position among all the global commercial vehicles brands in Ecuador. 

Recalling how JAC products was recognized by users after they had entered Ecuador markets, the head of the marketing of Ecuador believes this owe to distributors trust to JAC products and customers dare to try and he shared a story with us: One of Ecuador largest logistic companies planned to purchase a batch of tractors, and its purchasing manager had stringent requirements on the purchased products due to their usage of European and American heavy-duty trucks before. At that time, JAC heavy-duty trucks were just brought into Ecuador with low brand popularity, in order to eliminate the purchasing manager’s concern, JAC distributors initiatively provided one heavy-duty truck to customers for free trial. After one-month long distance try under the adverse road condition and environment, JAC won high appraisement of the purchasing manager and successfully create the orders, after one year, this logistic company repurchased another 30 JAC heavy-duty trucks and now it has become one of JAC loyal customers. 

Behind the excellent market performance was JAC considerate service. Except for the complete service network covering the whole Ecuador area, the mobile service vehicles and the abundant spare parts, JAC will also hold service month every year to provide free vehicles detection for the users, supply relevant technical consult and also door-to-door service to some VIP customers, meanwhile, in order to solve the customers’ problems in time, provide guidance to distributors in the service and brand establishment, JAC also arrange service and sales staffs for long-term stagnation. Good reputation leads to better recognition. In Oct.2015, JAC light-duty trucks received 32 special purpose cars orders from Ecuador's capital Quito municipal departments and those cars were also used in 4.16 post disaster reconstruction work; one of Ecuador chain decoration companies purchased JAC light-duty trucks, and after driving for five years 198,000 kilometers, there were no overhaul for the cars, which won customers’ satisfaction on the products.

To provide beyond value products experience to Ecuador customers, on one hand, JAC has continuously adapted the products to better suit the local market environment, on the other hand, JAC started its localization step by step to make contribution to the local employment and economy. In 2012, JAC made the preparation for the local plant building to assembly passenger vehicles, and under the strong supports of Ecuador government, the local plant got Ecuador assembly permit in 2014, furthermore, in 2015, it received 600 quotas issued by the local government, which means that the passenger vehicles business has made new breakthrough. It is predicted that in 2016, JAC will realize local assembly and mass production in Ecuador. 

Looking back to the development of JAC in Ecuador, the head of JAC expressed:“Eleven years in Ecuador, under the supports and care of Ecuador users, JAC gained acceptance and affirmation, it has developed and grown up. In the future, JAC will continue to respect Ecuador customers’ demands, constantly improve the products and services, enhance customer satisfaction, and finally serve high-quality products and services to the people of Ecuador! JAC hopes that more users will love and support our products, and expects that JAC efforts can be helpful to the development of Ecuador automobile industry, to the economy take-off and the happiness of Ecuador people!”